Join the Ministry

Who Can Join as a Member?

Any men of our parish, 21 years of age or older, are already members. There are no dues, there are no prerequisites. Just show up at our next meeting to get involved. At our meetings, we start with a social half hour (at 7PM), then we discuss and plan the various activities that we are involved in. These activities are generally related to supporting the parish either through time, talent or treasure.

Our ministry is always growing. We have a broad range of men involved in all kinds of businesses. Come get involved and you will be rewarded well beyond your expectations. For answers to more common questions, please contact one of our Board Members.

Are there dues or other costs to join?

No, there are no dues and there are no charges. In fact, any men of our parish, 21 years of age or older, are already qualified members. There are no prerequisites other than to be active. But, we need to know who you are, so just show up at our next meeting to get involved. We do ask you to purchase one of our “Men of Holy Family” shirts (golf style) to wear at our functions (cost of $20). We offer a free t-shirt-style work shirt for work functions. Both shirts are teal.

What do I have to do if I join?

This is a ministry open to the men of Holy Family parish. While there are no membership fees, only a commitment to assist with parish service as it is needed and/or requested, including our Golf Tournament, Sunday Breakfasts, Lenten Fish Fry dinners, Christmas Tree sales and general parish needs.

However, the Diocese DOES have one requirement to being ACTIVE. Please be sure to check on this vital requirement which will help alleviate any liability issues in the future. Since you are already a qualified member by being an active member of the parish, just come to a meeting and volunteer to help out whenever you feel the time is right. Of course, you will get the most reward and have the most fun when you get involved in our many functions and activities throughout the year.

*Diocese of Orlando REQUIREMENT: All members must have background and finger-prints report on file with the Diocese office to participate in all functions with close proximity to vulnerable parish members (kids, disabled persons and the elderly).

What does this ministry do?

All of our activities are focused on our mission of Fellowship, Spirituality and Service. Most events and activities are fund-raisers for various ministries of the parish and other charities. While many of our activities are fun, all include elements of fellowship & social events. We try to combine these two and focus on having a good time while maintaining our mission. You can check our activities and look for upcoming events to become involved in.

When are and what happens at the meetings?

The Men of Holy Family business meeting is usually on the fourth Thursday of each month in the General Flynn social hall of the Holy Family parish. Check our Calendar for the actual schedule as some changes do occur.

Starting at 7:00pm, the first 30 minutes is a social half-hour and dinner is provided. We hope you will enjoy the food (don’t eat ahead of time) and beverage refreshments (beer is optional).

At 7:30pm, we start our meeting agenda and discuss the activities that are upcoming such as Fish Fry Dinners, Sunday Pancake Breakfasts, Christmas Tree sales, our annual Golf tournament among other events and tasks. We also discuss how we can help out the parish and other ministries with our time, talent and treasure in keeping with our mission.

Later in the meeting (usually around 8:30 or 9pm), we sometimes break up into committees. The committees discuss their specific activities (such as the Fish Fry, Pancakes, etc.). The meeting usually wraps up by 9:30pm (sometimes 10 if we are really having fun!).