Strong Faith, Strong Foundation and...

Strong Future.

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Mission Statement:

Our mission is to build fellowship and strengthen our spirituality while serving the parish in ministry and community.

The ministry of “the Men of Holy Family” (also known as “the MOHF“) is dedicated to building, in Christian and Catholic values, Fellowship and Social Responsibility within the parish of Holy Family Catholic Church, encouraging individual and group participation in spiritual development activities and to foster evangelistic out-reach within the parish and beyond.

It is the hope of the Men of Holy Family that each member prayerfully consider how each can show their gratitude to God for His gifts to them by offering their gifts, time and talents to the parish. They are to be shared with our Youth, our Elderly, our Indigent, our Sick and among ourselves.

If future generations are to be strong in “Christian and Catholic Values," it must start here and now.


Men of Holy Family Prayer

Almighty God and Father, as Men of Holy Family Parish, we ask you to grant us the grace and wisdom to serve our fellow brothers through this ministry.

May we be ever mindful of your presence within us and ask that you continually direct each step we take.

Watch over our families, friends, and neighbors, protect them from evil and allow us to help meet their needs.

We ask that you give us strength, courage, and faith to do your will and bring others to know and love you.

Allow us to serve you with contrite hearts and become a true example of charity, fellowship, and unselfish service to all people. Amen.

~ Ralph Rodriguez-Torres, June 12, 2001

Our Events

Christmas Trees

Each year the Men of Holy Family hold our Annual Christmas Tree Sale to benefit the parish and our community.

Sunday Fellowship Breakfasts

For many Sunday is a day of spirituality where many don’t work and just want to enjoy a nice

Lenten Fish Fry Dinners

The Holy Family Lenten Fish Fry Dinners are if not the most popular fundraiser of the year it is certainly one of the most popular.

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